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President’s Letter
Welcome from the JBCC President

Thank you for being a member of the Jacksonville Black Chamber of Commerce (JBCC).

As the nation and world head into challenging and uncertain times politically, socially, and economically, the need for business organizations to innovate has never been greater.

The Jacksonville Black Chamber of Commerce understands that to have a strong economic environment you must have a stronger community and business. We are focusing on promoting socioeconomic growth and promote social equity for under-served businesses in smaller economies that will leave LEGACIES.
As we continue to recover from the Pandemic, JBCC's goal is to be the business expert that will increase diversity, inclusion, and synergy between, communities and small black businesses with local, regional businesses and government. We are determined in our effort to bring all community partners together for the betterment of all. Bridging the gap within our community, business sector, local officials, and government leadership we elected to represent us will help us reach the goal of educating, energizing, and connecting a diverse group leader to serve the community and small black businesses.

Our mission is to provide a network that accelerates your ability to grow your business. Your membership with JBCC provides unparalleled opportunities to connect with peers and current and prospective partners.


JBCC workshops and events will provide extraordinary opportunities to gain insights into the ever-changing challenges facing businesses. By working together as JBCC members, we have a much stronger voice with our elected leaders to create an improved social economy for small black businesses and communities. I encourage JBCC members to engage with us to experience the value that the Jacksonville Black Chamber has to offer you and your business.

I am excited to build on our success and continuously look for new opportunities to be the voice for business advocacy within the region. I also look forward to working together with business partners and elected officials to strategically engage in conversation to find new ways to assist with the economic growth of our small black businesses and communities.


I would be excited to speak with you. Please feel free to reach out to me or my team, as we aspire to provide our members with the most valued experiences. You may contact me at

We are grateful for all our members and desire for all to prosper, grow and leave a legacy in the years ahead. I look forward to working with everyone during my time as President.

Shannon Denson

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