Community-based services are agencies that offer case management support such as drug treatment, mental health treatment, food pantries, companion and aide services, housing services, Medicaid application assistance, and postnatal services in a community setting.

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Head Start to Home Ownership Program -DOWNLOAD

The H2H Program offers financial assistance up to 

$50,000.00 to provide down payment and closing costs assistance to eligible families/individuals who are interested in purchasing a home.

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The Foreclosure Intervention Program -MORE INFO

The Foreclosure Intervention Program helps City of Jacksonville residents stay in their home and stop the foreclosure process by providing Mortgage Counseling Services, Direct Mortgage Assistance, Loan Modification and Refinance Counseling, Budget and Financial Literacy

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The Neighborhood Matching Grant Program -MORE INFO

The Foreclosure Property Registry was established in 2010 to limit and reduce the deterioration of property located within the City of Jacksonville caused by foreclosure and create a mechanism to protect neighborhoods from being blighted through a lack of adequate maintenance of homes going through the foreclosure process.

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The Clean it up, Green it Up Program -MORE INFO

Clean It Up, Green It Up helps improve the quality of life through development and implementation of community improvement initiatives. These programs support beautification, education, reduction of litter, recycling, improvement of waste handling practices and natural resource conservation

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The Landlord Training Program


The Landlord Training Program is designed to help owners and managers keep illegal drug activity and other criminal activity off their property. The content of the course has been developed through a process of intensive research involving hundreds of organizations and individuals.

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Homeownership Resources


Housing Services administers various programs targeted at improving the quality of life for low-to-moderate income residents of Duval County. These programs include down-payment assistance, home repair, rehabilitation of multifamily housing units, and more.