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Jax black community has spoken and JBCC listened. Use your voice to advocate for change with JBCC on key issues like:

Redlining       Food Deserts

Safety        Health & Wellness

  • Redlining.  As the legacy descendants of such a historically rich land, it is our innate responsibility to ensure we have a seat at the table of discussion pertaining to OUR neighborhoods legacy.

  • Food Deserts. Northwest Jacksonville has the largest concentration of  'food deserts" in our city. Who knows best how this happened and has sustainable solutions to bring it to an end; than OUR community themselves. Be apart of the discussions on change with key community leaders and partners with JBCC

  • Safety.  A real concern deserves real attention and execution. The safety for the stakeholders of our community is vital. JBCC believes that as a collective unit with a wholistic approach the viloence and unheard request to City Officials for neighborhood upgrades including better lighting, simple sidewalk repairs etc. will receive desired results.

  • Health/Wellness. This topic goes beyond putting healthcare  facilities in the neighborhood. We need culturally infused health care options with providers that respect US enough to treat the whole person minus systemic bias. JBCC is teaming with health care leaders that respect this and are excited to work towards change.

Let's Work Together

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