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JBCC is committed to advocating on governmental relations by  providing education, capital access, interactions with elected officials and more


DIVERSITY.                   EQUITY.                     INCLUSION.                ACCESS.

Take Action Now

The Chamber strives to create a better business environment for the Jacksonville Florida region that promotes investment, innovation and job creation. We need your help ensuring that elected officials are aware of the Chamber's advocacy priorities.

Establish effective government and  political connections to the local business community that foster strong economic and cultural growth.


Providing members with access to capital investing opportunities. Many resources go inaccessible due to lack of knowledge  and monetary preparation.  Sustainability is the objective of this initiative. 


JBCC workforce development projects will reflect our dedication and ensure the right skills to effectively equip each business with tools. As a result, our economic  ambitions  thrive  competitively in labor markets while  building  a talent pipeline  designed to  help  businesses find the right talent that is critical to the success of business.


The holistic approach to Creating Business Culture.

Synergizing the elements of business owner and its community


Legislation and business go hand in hand. Thus it is imperative for business owners and community constituents to be in the know pertaining to the government branch with the largest influence on business. JBCC will connect, collaborate and educate its members and the community on the Who What and How of government and the best interest of black business and our community.

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